Thomas L. Petty, MD, a Pulmonologist, was a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver and at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. He was also Professor of Medicine Emeritus at National Jewish Health in Denver. Dr. Petty, an international authority on respiratory disease, had published over 800 articles in medical journals. He was the author or editor of 45 books or editions.



Dr. Tom Petty’s Final Book


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By Thomas L. Petty, M.D. with Robert McCoy, B.S., RRT, FAARC
Louise Nett, R.N., RRT, FAARC, & Kay Bowen
Dedication: Louise Nett, RN, RRT
Dr. Petty’s Bio: Louise Nett, RN, RRT
Foreword: Louise Nett, RN, RRT
Preface: Thomas L. Petty, MD

Chapter 1 The Need for Oxygen (Thomas L. Petty, MD)
Chapter 2 Early Personal Use (Thomas L. Petty, MD)
Chapter 3 Common Questions Asked by Patients (Thomas L. Petty, MD)
Chapter 4 Oxygen: A Marvelous Medicine (Thomas L. Petty, MD)
Chapter 5 Living with COPD ( I. Gene Schwarz, MD)
Chapter 6 Oxygen Use on Vancouver Island (Chris Wigley, BSc, P.Eng)
Chapter 7 Transtracheal Oxygen (John R. Goodman, BS, RRT)
Chapter 8 A Personal Marathon (Roxlyn G. Cole)
Chapter 9 Miles, Mountains, and Stairs, Oh My! (Mike McBride)
Chapter 10 Coast to Coast on 02 (Mark Junge, BA, MA)
Chapter 11 Flying the Friendly Skies to Eastern Europe (Vlady Rozenbaum, PhD)
Chapter 12 Patient Support Groups and Activities (Mary R. Burns, RN, BS)
Chapter 13 Adventures in Advocacy and COPD Awareness (Edna M. Fiore, ASCP)
Chapter 14 Emphysema Foundation for Our Right to Survive (EFFORTS) (Linda Watson, President)
Chapter 15 Progress & Perspectives of Home Oxygen Therapy in Japan (Kozui Kida, MD, PhD)
Chapter 16 Oxygen Use in Poland (Jan Zielinski, MD)
Chapter 17 Oxygen Use in Italy (Italo Brambilla, MD)
Chapter 18 The Role of the Respiratory Therapist in Home Oxygen Therapy: Challenges and Opportunities (Mark Mangus, Sr., BSRC, RRT, RCP, FAARC)
Chapter 19 New Oxygen Technologies (Robert McCoy, BS, RRT, FAARC)
Chapter 20 Current Research in Long Term Oxygen Therapy (Richard Casaburi, PhD., MD)