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Patient Books free to download, including the 1st edition of Adventures of an Oxy-Phile written by Dr. Petty in 2003.

“Adventures of an Oxy-Phile” (first edition)

Free download of the full book: click here for a pdf file (requires the free Adobe Reader)

This book was written by Dr. Petty in 2003-2004 and published by the American Association for Respiratory Care in 2004. At the time of Dr. Petty’s death on December 12, 2009, a second edition was a work in progress, which was completed and published in 2010 and is available for purchase from this web site. It is a unique book with chapters written by patients who live with long term oxygen therapy, experts in the fields of oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as chapters by leading pulmonologists abroad. To reserve a copy, please contact us.

“From Both Ends of the Stethoscope”

Free download of the full book: click here for a pdf file (requires the free Adobe Reader)

From the back cover as written by Dr. Petty: “I entered medical school the fall of 1954, full of enthusiasm for my professional training which was about to begin. I walked down the corridors to my first class, along with my eager classmates, wearing a long starched white coat, symbolic of the physician. I can remember my first use of the stethoscope in 1955 in a series of tutorial and physical diagnosis sessions given to the sophomore students. I well recall touching my first patient as I tried to hear and understand the sounds that were transmitted to my naive ears.

From the beginning of my career, I found use of the stethoscope to be a critical part of physical examination. It also provided a spiritual bonding with my patients as my hand placed the instrument over the heart, lungs, and abdomen, as I was touching or holding the patient with my other arm. Now, some half century later, I have many memories of the fascinating and challenging patients I have examined and treated.

Also, during this 50-year period, I have had four open heart operations, five cancers (prostate, three skin, and bladder cancer). Some of these experiences as both a physician and a patient, both good and bad, are captured in this book that I have written for both doctors and the patients they serve. To do this, I have had to use a moderate amount of medical terminology, but my messages have been and will be understood by physician and patients alike.”

Over the course of six decades Dr. Petty authored many books and articles.

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Of great interest to many are the Books in the Frontline Series. These were published by the Snowdrift Pulmonary Conference, Inc. and include the following:



Letters From Tom
Dr. Petty began writing “Letters From Tom” while at the University of Colorado in the early 1980s and continued for 28 years. They were published monthly by the newsletter entitled Second Wind, put out by the Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, California. Eventually this publication was sponsored by the Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation also of California.

Sample letter: Diagnosing and Curing the Blues (Oct 1986)

Archive of  Letters From Tom