Snowdrift Pulmonary Conference, Inc.

A Not-for-profit 501c(3) Corporation

Thomas L. Petty, M.D.

The mission of the Snowdrift Pulmonary Conference is:

  1. Continuing and current education programs for primary care physicians and pulmonary patients on pulmonary topics.
  2. Expand continuing medical education to include students, residents, fellow, and other allied medical professionals on pulmonary and cardiopulmonary topics.
  3. Support continuing medical education for allied health medical groups.
  4. Maintain the (Thomas L. Petty, M.D.) web site.
  5. Establish a Thomas L. Petty stipend for college students.
  6. Promote publications regarding pulmonary topics, books, pamphlets, etc.

The Snowdrift Pulmonary Conference, a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation, was formed in July 1994 by Dr. Thomas L. Petty and several others for the purpose of education in the field of pulmonary medicine.

The most significant educational endeavor of Snowdrift has been the writing and publication of numerous monographs on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The authors have broad experience in both academic and clinical medicine. The most popular monograph was written for patients, entitled Frontline Advice for COPD Patients. This book is still available for free download. For a complete list, many of which are available for downloading at no charge, please refer to Books/Articles/Newsletters at this website. Snowdrift Pulmonary Conference participates in education of patient support groups in Colorado and elsewhere.

Additionally, Snowdrift sponsored and implemented numerous “Saturday Morning Seminars,” which were held in various cities on Saturday mornings for the purpose of disseminating up-to-date pulmonary medical information and technology to primary care physicians, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, nurses, and other interested practitioners and participants.

In 1996 a sister organization, the National Lung Health Education Program (NLHEP), was established for the early diagnosis of COPD.

COPD Connection

Snowdrift Pulmonary Conference, Inc. has supported The Colorado Lung Health Connection with funds to help underwrite their annual meetings held each year in Denver – The Thomas L Petty, MD Moving Mountains Lung Health Conference.